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Static in SI Unit


- Can be devided into 3 branches:
  1. Rigrid-bidy Mechanics
  2. Deformable-body Mechanics
  3. Fluid Mechanics

- Rigrid-body Mechanics deals with

  1. Statics
    - Equilibrium of bodies
    - At rest
    - Move with constant velocity
  2. Dynamics
    - Accelerated motion of bodies

Fundamentals Concepts

- Basic Quantities

  • Length – locate the position of a point in space
  • Mass – measure of a quantity of matter
  • Time – succession of events
  • Force – a “push” or “pull” exerted by one body on another

- Idealizations

  • Particles – has a mass and size can be neglected
  • Rigrid Body – a combination of a large number of particles
  • Concentrated Force – the effect of a loading

- Newton’s Three Laws of Motion

  • First Law
    “A particle originally at rest, or moving in a straight line with constant velocity, will remain in this state provided that the particle is not subjected to an unbalanced force”
  • Second Law
    “A particle acted upon by an unbalanced force F experiences an acceleration a that has the same direction as the force and a magnitude that is directly proportional to the force”
  • Third Law
    “The mutual forces of action and reaction between two particles are equal and, opposite and collinear”

F = force of gravitation between two particles
G = universal constant of gravitation
m1, m2 = mass of each of the two particles
r = distance between the two particles

Weight :
Letting :
Yields :

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